How to make WhatsApp video calls on a PC

introduction of WhatsApp video calls

In today’s fast-paced digital world, staying connected with friends and relatives has become even easier. WhatsApp is a popular messaging app. Its video calling feature has taken communication to the next level. Many users make video calls from their mobile phones. You can also use this feature from your laptop or computer. In this article, we will show you how to use the video call feature of WhatsApp.We will let you know the steps. How to make WhatsApp video calls on a PC.

How to make WhatsApp video calls on a PC

Make WhatsApp video calls through the WhatsApp web

You can easily access your WhatsApp account on your computer through WhatsApp web:

  • Open your favorite web browser and follow these steps to set up and visit the WhatsApp app website.
  • Open WhatsApp on your phone too, click on the three dots in the top right corner and select WhatsApp Web.
  • By using your phone’s camera. Scan the QR code displayed on the computer.
  • But establishes a connection between your phone and the computer so that you can make and receive video calls on the computer.

tips for WhatsApp video call

on how to download WhatsApp on Android

Download or install the WhatsApp application for a smooth and good experience.

  • Visit the official WhatsApp website and the desktop application and Download it.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and download the application.
  • Open the app and scan the QR code with your phone.
  • Now you can enjoy video calling from the desktop

How to download WhatsApp on MAC IOS

Follow the given steps

  • First search WhatsApp for Mac in Google search bar.
  • Click on the link given earlier. Download the file.
  • After that, you open the app on your Mac and WhatsApp account support.
  • Scan the barcode from Now you can easily use the video call feature.

FAQs of WhatsApp video call

Yes, you can make video calls on a computer using the WhatsApp web application.

Make sure that the computer has a webcam, microphone, and speaker.

Yes, you can use emulators like Bluestacks or Nox, etc to make video calls.

For a good experience, you should ensure a stable internet connection, camera, and microphone settings and close unnecessary applications.

conclusion of WhatsApp Andriod and IOS

This allows you to experience how to make WhatsApp video calls on the big screen and add fun and functionality to your interactions. Between calling your PC and mobile device the transition is seamless.

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