How to Change WhatsApp Group Icon?

The article of this post is about how to modify a group icon on WhatsApp. Each group has a unique group icon that adds beauty and significance to their profile. It’s relatively simple for anyone to update their WhatsApp profile photo, but they must be group administrators. We will discuss how to alter the WhatsApp group symbol image and how to alter the group icon on an iOS or Android device today.

Group icon meaning in WhatsApp

 A Group Icon, sometimes known as a group picture, is a feature in WhatsApp. We place an icon or picture next to the group name and description. An icon graphic depicts WhatsApp’s direction and prosperity.

how to change whatsapp group icon

How do I change the WhatsApp Group icon on Android or iOS?

Let’s discuss the primary subject of this essay, which is how to alter the image of a WhatsApp group symbol. The procedure is quite simple. It’s simple to do in a few steps.

  • Initially, you must launch WhatsApp on your mobile device.
  • Please proceed to the group name and click on it.
  • After you click the group name, the group description will appear.
  • Press the group icon now.

There are a few possibilities visible.

View Photo: Select this option to view the image of your current group icon.

Take Photo: If you select the “Take Photo” option, the camera will open immediately. You can click on any picture to make it the Whatsapp group symbol.

Upload Photo: With this function, you can use an image from your gallery to replace the group icon on WhatsApp. Please choose the appropriate picture and place it on the group icon. 

Remove Photo: Click this link to remove the current Group symbol. After deleting the icon, you must upload a new image; otherwise, the group icon area will be empty.

Can non-admins change a WhatsApp group icon?

With the most recent WhatsApp upgrade, anyone—admin or not—can modify the icon for a WhatsApp group. Before beginning the process of altering the icon, update the program to the most recent version.

  • You can open WhatsApp on your mobile device.
  • Tapping on the group name will open the group.
  • Select the image of the group icon. Upload the picture.
  • Next, crop the bigger picture.
  • Make the appropriate changes to the Group icon.

FAQs of WhatsApp group icon

It’s okay to use any image as the group icon, but don’t use anything that violates copyright or isn’t appropriate.

Make any necessary adjustments to the cropping frame before confirming your choice.

No, group members are not notified when the group icon is changed.

As of the most recent upgrade, the group icon cannot be changed in the WhatsApp Web and Desktop versions. Only the mobile app will allow you to alter it.

conclusion of the group icon

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